Monday, 22 December 2014

Episode 79 - December 21, 2014

The last show of 2014 starts with a call to Pay's mom with a belated birthday greeting.

If you're confused about rewards points and now to maximize them, Kathy Buckworth provides tips for collecting points the right way and how to get the most bang for your buck.

And if you're that jerk who waited until the last minute to buy your holiday gifts, lifestyle expert Shoana Jensen has tips on crossing everyone off your list in one place.

Plus giving you the feels with some top words from 2014 and the story of a homeless man who offered a stranger college student his last bit of change for her to get home.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Episode 78 - December 14, 2014

MasterChef Canada judges Claudio Aprile (Origin restaurants) and Michael Bonacini (Oliver & Bonacini) co-host the show with Pay for the hour.
They chat about the holiday special, Season 2 of MasterChef Canada and their experiences in the restaurant industry.
How do these professional chefs deal with bad reviews and negative criticism? Michael talks about the recent Globe & Mail review that had everyone talking.
And they share their favourite hidden gems in Toronto.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Episode 77 - December 8, 2014

Pay takes a trip down memory lane and talks about the candies you remember as a kid. Gobstoppers, Nerds, Fun-Dip, Sour Patch Kids, Mojo's and all their sugary goodness.

To help you with your holiday entertaining, Interior Decorator Paul Semkuley shares his tips for making your home comfortable for your guests and provides a list of items you need to keep on hand to make hosting a group easier.

Flying fish and cou cou, souse, conkies...say what? These are the local foods in Barbados. More than just sun and sand, it's a popular winter destination for cold Canadians. Pay chats with Cheryl Carter from Barbados Tourism about other things to see and do on the island.

And what are the top trends in baby names for 2015? Just wait until you hear this list...

Monday, 1 December 2014

Episode 76 - November 30, 2014

Have you ever been gouged by an airline? What's the craziest price you've had to pay to get somewhere? Pay vents about the crazy cost of travel and listeners chime in.

Also, Jackie Breyer, Editor-in-Chief of Toy Insider dishes on the season's most popular toys and gift ideas for the kids you know (or don't know that well).

If you really want to make someone's day, consider the Shoebox Project. They're collecting boxes until December 5th and will distribute them to women in shelters. It's easy, it's inexpensive (fill a box with small items) and it makes a huge difference to someone who can't afford to buy themselves a little treat.

Plus, Pay reads the most adorable love letter written by a 4-year-old boy.