Monday, 20 April 2015

Episode 93 - April 19, 2015

The topics may be serious but the people are funny!
Could you live on $1.75 a day?
Over 1-billion people around the world do.
Actor Ennis Esmer (The Listener, Red Oaks, Dark Matter) and actor and comedian Colin Mochrie join the show to talk about the Live Below the Line Challenge where they will feed themselves on only $1.75/day for five days to raise awareness and funds for organizations fighting extreme poverty.

Do you know the truth behind the shrimp you're eating? You should.
Food writer and Toronto Star columnist Corey Mintz and Dan Donovan, co-owner of sustainable seafood shop Hooked Inc, tell us why you should avoid shrimp from many East Asian countries. 
Find out what countries offer safer seafood.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Episode 92 - April 12, 2015

Comedian Ron James joins Pay to co-host the first hour of the show. He talks about his years of comedy, traveling across the country and his love for performing in Canada. Ron is performing in Toronto at Massey Hall on Thurs. April 23rd.
How do you feel about renting chickens to keep in your yard? A Toronto company wants to give you the opportunity to have fresh eggs and will let you rent chickens to raise! A Toronto woman shares her experience raising chickens in her downtown backyard.
Aussie-born chef and owner of El Gastronomo Vagabundo food truck, Adam Hynam-Smith, has a new cookbook with recipes of his most popular dishes. Find out how you can attend the launch party and dine on his delicious food.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Episode 91 - April 5, 2015

It's another extended show this week as MasterChef Canada judge and chef Alvin Leung and Season 1 winner, Eric Chong, pop into the studio to talk about what lead them to open a restaurant together. The Rebel (Eric) and the Demon (Alvin) get ready to launch R&D in Toronto's Chinatown, but not after spending a lot of time together. So what IS the Demon Chef really like? Eric dishes on his softer side and what it takes for two former engineers to switch careers.
DNA testing for your dog? Why not? Pay talks about one condo complex gathering a DNA database of pets to catch lazy owners who don't pick up the poop!

Pay talks to a Toronto mom about suspicions something was wrong with her baby and the process of getting it diagnosed and learning to adjust to the news. Tune in to hear about baby Brielle and her life with achondroplasia. You'll definitely learn something you didn't know before!

FREE YOGA CLASSES! At the public library? Who knew? Find out what great free programs are available to you and how young professionals can access exclusive events with New Collection.

And there's a great way to expose your kids to a live orchestra! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has a young people's concert series for kids ages 5-12. Let them experience the magic of live music with a performance geared towards them.