Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Episode 53 - May 18, 2014

It's the long weekend and Pay has a 2-hour show!
Briana Santoro talks about juicing the right and wrong way and why you might actually GAIN weight from juicing. Plus, she "undresses" some of our favourite snack foods that might be packing on more calories than we bargained for.

Michael Lagimodiere is the host of "Giver" on TVO - a show that gets kids ages 6-12 years old to design and build a playground for a community that needs one. Find out what ALL the kids want in their playground.

And the Yard Sale for the Cure is coming up on Saturday - find out where you can score some great deals and how to set one up yourself.

And Dr. Kathleen Regan from Innate Wellness talks about seasonal allergies, what could be irritating you and some of the ways to make life easier. She also discusses supplements, what we need and what to look for.

And School Grown is a great program for high school students run by Food Share. They have gardens at two schools and teach kids how to garden and farm. They need your help to get their produce to the farmers market.

And Toronto Taste is one of the biggest food events in the city. Pay finds out more.

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