Monday, 27 October 2014

Episode 72 - October 26, 2014

Pay is back from Scottsdale, Arizona and is plumper than when she left. There's more than spas and golf...there's great food. And if there's great food, Pay will find it.

Matt Basile from Fidel Gastro food truck and Lisa Marie restaurant pops into studio to talk about his new cookbook, "Street Food Diaries" and what lead him from a desk job as a copywriter to creating a food brand that has resulted in a food truck, restaurant, TV show, catering company and now a book in only three years.

Pay asks, "what's the worst thing you've ever received while trick-or-treating?" See if you agree with the answers. By the way, someone said, "potato".

Nutritionist Theresa Albert was once an evil woman who gave out whole wheat crackers at Halloween but is now trying to redeem herself. Theresa has tips on making Halloween less junky for parents and kids.

And chef Matthew DeMille (Drake Devonshire) talks about the Drake Hotel's new spot in Prince Edward County. A perfect spot for a getaway by car.

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