Monday, 21 March 2016

Episode 136 - March 19, 2016

A frustrated mom sends her son an invoice totally almost $40,000 for the cost of supporting him since he moved back home 13-months ago. It includes $1000 for being an a**hole and not appreciating the support of his mom. Should adult kids be charged for moving back home?

Mom blogger and writer, Sonya Davidson, joins the show to chat about Macaron Day and it's roots in Paris.

Chef Ricardo conducted a survey for his food magazine and found some interesting results about the eating and meal habits of Canadians. Which provide is most concerned about healthy food? Where do people eat the fastest? And which province drinks the most wine with dinner?

How often do the guys in your life talk about their prostates? *crickets*
Ben Samaroo - a 28-year-old lawyer decided to write a cute picture book and donate proceeds to various men's health charities to encourage men to get their health checked more regularly.
Ben is a lawyer and wrote a book so let's all feel like underachievers.

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