Monday, 31 August 2015

Episode #109 - August 30, 2015

Another extended show tonight as Chef Rob Rossi (Bestellen, Top Chef Canada Season 1) and Devin Connell (Delica Kitchen) talk about helping clueless cooks and making better meals with their new Food Network Show, Chef In Your Ear.

Find out the biggest mistakes cooks make, the essential items you should have, and what these professional chefs want you to experiment with.

Nutritionist Lianne Phillipson Webb shares meal planning ideas, back to school lunch ideas and talks about your favourite milk alternatives.

Did you know kids used to be sent home from school if they ate garlic in Ontario? Up until the 70's it wasn't welcome in most households. Peter McClusky wrote "Ontario Garlic - The Story from Farm to Festival" and looked into the history of how garlic made its way into homes and restaurants. Plus, he shares tips on growing and how to store the bulbs. And check out the Toronto Garlic Festival September 20th at Whychwood Barns.

And if you thought you'd never make money from your stupid idea - other people are cashing in! A few guys out west are selling bottled air, and people are buying.

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