Monday, 31 March 2014

Episode 47 - March 30, 2014

Do you tip even if you get bad service? Or are we so polite that we leave money even if we a bad time?
Pay chats with Sabrina Maddeaux (NOW magazine) about Gwyenth's "conscious uncoupling" and her comments about how being on a film set is more challenging than being a mom with a regular 9-5 schedule. Oops...should have kept that to herself.
Also, how does taking a selfie help cancer awareness? It doesn't, so get over yourself. The men didn't want to be left out so they started their own risky hashtag.
If you love cats or just love cat videos...the Just for Cats Film Fest is for you. Pay gets all the details and there will be cats on the red carpet.
Plus, an art event where you can bid on a private dinner for 6 prepared by chef Matt Blondin.
And...details on naked yoga...

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